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10/31/05 — On and Off

Because the weather was so good yesterday, it only made sense that I'd want to spend a good portion of it with friends in the darkness of a mothballed industrial facility. In this case, it was Buffalo Color; a place I've been wanting to go check out for a while now ever since I heard that it had more or less been sitting inactive since 2003.

I guess the exact date was probably July 11th, 2003. This is the date that appears on the chart-paper in the power house's main diagnostics panel, the lines plotted out like an industrial cardiograph. Piles of past readings, decades worth, are stored elsewhere in the building in the off chance that someone might need to know how hot boiler #3 became at 11:13am, June 11th, 1966.

Things are still running though. Sort of. There's a 60-cycle electrical hum going off, flourescent lights are still running and text is busy blinking away on various control panels. All this, despite there being no indication that anyone's set foot inside the place for over two years. Newspapers, logsheets, memos-- everything ends at 2003 and yet it feels like people could have been working there a day earlier. I love that feeling. It's always very spooky and melancholy and exilerating at the same time, and yeah, while I'm sure one of these days it's going to get me in a bit of trouble, I just can't seem to get enough.