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01/01/06 — New Day Rising

Lakeview Generating Station turbine

Alright, Happy New Year! And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Kendall and I decided to start off the new year by spending the day inside the recently departed Lakeview Generating Station which meant that for the first time, I got to see it in natural light, you know.. as God intended it to be seen. I had been before at night, and while it was spectacular then, industrial strength overhead lighting didn't always make for the most pleasing of pictures. Sunlight, even on an overcast day, is always so much better.

It's hard to capture the scale of things here. Everything's big. You could squat quite comfortably (if you consider squatting to be a comfortable position) in the middle of this turbine and I was tempted to do just that for photographic purposes (ok, and for fun too) until I saw how greasy it was in there.

More to follow, including pics from the new Hasselblad..