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01/29/07 — Confluenced

Facing the outfall of the 100 year old tailrace tunnel that's situated somewhere behind the curtain of Nagara Falls. I wanted to be able to stand directly under the curtain, but the water was too cold and became too deep to be able to wade any further than this. It's quite a challenge getting down into this tunnel and sometime over the next few months it will be made impossible altogether when a construction company seals off the access points for good.

Big thanks go to Dsankt, Quantum X as well as Skaught and K.A.O.S. from UEA for supplying gear, good spirits and much-needed assistance to allow myself and good friends Kowalksi and nel58 to reach this wonderful place before it's lost forever. Also, thanks to Teri for allowing me to go in the first place. :)